help for gold star parents of war in iraq or afghanistan
gold star parents
Casualty notification process

The bad news that does follow demolishes the lives of mothers and fathers of military personnel around the world. These five words, “We regret to inform you” are a parent’s worst fear, for they usher in the news that his or her child has died in the military—either in peacetime or war.

Military Parents: We Regret To Inform You is more than just another book on grief. A first of its kind, it is written specifically for the parents of service members who have died while on active duty. This book understands that military service is a dangerous occupation for the 2.1 million military personnel who are currently serving—approximately three service members die each day.

No other self-help book completely addresses this national subject.

For the first time, surviving military parents have a book that speaks to their needs, validates their experiences, brings a measure of comfort and understanding, and provides a pathway in their journey of grief, for as long as that grief lasts.”
Betsy Beard, surviving mother of Specialist Bradley Beard, KIA, Operation Iraqi Freedom