About this Book

Most surviving military parents have no experience with losing a child and little knowledge of the military. The majority are hardworking moms and dads, living and working in civilian communities. Military Parents: We Regret To Inform You is a survival guide for these parents. No other self-help book completely addresses this unique loss or the flag-draped grief it unleashes. On its pages, surviving military parents will find:

how military parents cope with death

  • Why military loss is complicated
  • Topics unique to military grief
  • Lessons learned from other parents
  • Tips for survival, coping and resilience

In short, easy-to-read chapters, Military Parents: We Regret To Inform You puts into plain words how parents can survive this life-changing loss, cope with its profound grief and develop the resilience to move forward in life.

In my 29-year career as a Navy Chaplain, far too many times I was part of a Casualty Assistance team that had to tell parents their son or daughter has died on active duty. This is the book I wish I could’ve given to those mothers and fathers.”

Chaplain William Hood, CAPT, USN (Ret.)